Service Plans

Tailor-Made Service Plans

Your vehicle may be one of the most reliable cars on the road, but, like any other car, it will need to be serviced at regular intervals to make sure it remains reliable. Regular servicing – in line with the manufacturer's schedule – is a condition of the warranty – and it's the only way to ensure your car remains safe, efficient, and a pleasure to drive for many years to come. When you come to sell your car, a full-service history can add considerably to the value.

Built-in flexibility

Now you can plan for regular servicing – and the cost – with a Taw Motor Centre Service Plan. According to your manufacturer's service schedule, we will give you a tailor-made quote to suit your needs based on your annual mileage and how many years you want to cover. Should you sell the car before the end of the term, you can easily transfer the plan to your new vehicle.

What's included?

The complete cost of your standard servicing, including parts and labour, but with the exception of normal wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers.

No large bills to pay

You can spread the cost with easy monthly payments and no interest to pay – so you won't have to face a big bill when it's inconvenient. Alternatively, you can pay with one lump sum or add the cost to your finance agreement.

Freeze your costs

Not only will you be able to budget easily for the cost of servicing but also you may save money, because if prices rise during the term of your plan, you won't have to pay anything extra. It's like freezing the future servicing costs at today's prices.

Quality service

Whenever your car needs attention, our experienced technicians will be on hand so you can be sure your car will be repaired to the highest standard. They will have access to the full range of genuine parts to ensure a perfect fit – and full compliance with the terms of the vehicle's warranty. And what could look better to a potential buyer than a full-service book stamped up to date. 

Take advantage of the Taw Motor Centre Service Plan now and stop worrying about service bills.

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